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Top 5 Best AdBlocker for Android
Written by Hassan Abbas

AdBlocker extensions or apps are there to help you hide the annoying ads that keep on popping up every second. While on Windows, we just have to worry about annoying ads on the browsers. But while on a smartphone, even apps along with games have ads on them. And just installing an Adblocker browser won’t be of any use, what you all need is an app the works throughout the system. So all the ads on apps and games won’t appear and you can use those apps or games without any tension.

While on the other hand, we know that most of the websites are alive because of the ads. If we want free stuff from them we need not ban their ads. However, among those sites, there are some sites that are hiding malicious scripts in those ads that are not good for any device. So while you are exploring that site, those ads are popping and downloading your data while harming your PC. Among them, we have some sites that force us to click on ads, and for them, an Adblock is a necessity.

Top 5 Best AdBlocker for Android

If you frequently visit a site or playing a game, then you can add them to the filter in your Adblock. That way you’ll visit them while their ads are showing and they’ll get the earning from the ads. And for the Android users, there are a lot of Adblock applications available, however, not all of them are reliable.

So, here we are providing you the Top 5 Best AdBlocker for Android that you can use to hide all the annoying ads. Most of them are totally free and open source, you can even make changes in them as you like. Only a couple of them are paid but they do the job perfectly as you want them from. Paid apps are worth every penny, especially if you want to get a lot out of your application. The best part, they are available for both Rooted and Non-Rooted phones.

Top 5 Best AdBlocker for Android


Adguard Content Blocker

AdClear by Seven


AdBlock Browser for Android

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