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To Enable and Use Raise to Speak on Apple Watch

Raise to Speak
Written by Hassan Abbas

Raise to Speak

To enable Raise to Speak before you will be able to invoke Siri without first speaking the wake phrase. Siri is better than ever on Apple. Calling  Hey Siri again and again may it feels a bit weird to you. Apple has been fixing this issue. By removing the need for the wake phrase to be spoken again and again for the Siri.  Through the raise to speak feature in apple watch you just have to raise your  Watch to your face to issue a command. Some steps required to enable this.

How to Enable Raise to Speak?

  • Click on the  Digital Crown option to wake your watch and then return to the Home screen.
  • Click on the Siri option to reach all the settings of the digital assistant in your device.
  • Enable the Raise to Speak option.
  • The only option you need to enable is the allow Raise to Speak to function.  You just have to enable that function.

Raise to Speak


How to Use?

Using raise to speak needs some kind of practice. Here are some steps to use this.

  • First of all raise your watch to your face. A good way to use this app is to bring closer to your face.
  • After that speak your command or request in a clear voice by bringing it near your face.
  • When Siri gets attentive now you can lower your wrist.

There are many other settings that you might want to change using Siri. You can change it by going into the settings option.

About speak:

These settings will be about how to invoke Siri. Here are some steps to speak.

  • Click on the Digital Crown to wake your watch up.  After that return to the Home screen of your device.
  • Click on the Siri option to reach all the settings.
  • Move down to the Voice Feedback section. From there you can select whether you want Siri to always speak or not. You can also set whether Siri only speaks when you are using headphones and the watch isn’t in silent mode.

You can also adjust the volume of the Siri responses.


Siri’s experience on Apple Watch is the very best experience. Now you can also provide a command to Siri on your apple watch. Siri provides you the different facilities for the users. This Raise to speak feature is one of the best features.

Hope you liked this article. Are you going to use the Raise to speak up feature in your apple watch? let us know in the comment section below.

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