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Tips To Improve Yourself in Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale Tips & Tricks
Written by Hassan Abbas

Although here we have already spoken of tips for beginners in ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’, my performance with the game was far from ideal. My lack of a hand was also one of the reasons why the popular ‘Fortnite’ mode did not quite fit me.

It was a month ago, coinciding with the publication of our guide of ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’ shelling the weekly challenges when I decided that I wanted to enjoy the game as it deserves. So I got down to work to change that situation and, jokes about manquismo aside, I’ve seen not only how my performance changed completely, but also how he enjoyed the game.

Fortnite Battle Royale Tips & Tricks


A Warning to the Youngest: Age Does Not Forgive

To put ourselves in the situation it is possible to say that my baggage with games is not exactly short and I have been a big fan of the multiplayer shooters since the genre began to explode. I put a good handful of hours in ‘Quake III’, in ‘Counter-Strike’, in the different ‘Battlefield’ and ‘Call of Duty’, as well as in other shooting games, this time in the third person, such as’ Gears of War ‘,’ SOCOM ‘…

I have never had the skills of a professional player, nor is it something that I have been interested in approaching, but I have always had some facility to quickly catch the trick to the tempo and the way of playing each game that I have faced. It could be said that, without great fanfare, it is something that I am quite good at.

Fortnite Battle Royale Tips & Tricks

Although in fact, I should say ” gave “, and that is to see how the professional players retired very young always had caused me a strange feeling, to overcome a certain age I have begun to see it in my own flesh. There is no time to dedicate it to a game exhaustively, the desire to lead a more hectic life is lacking, but above all the reflexes are lacking, both at the level of speed when controlling a situation and in order to get ahead of it. Law of life, but player life after passing the threshold of 30, in this case.

Aware of that situation, flicked by not doing well what was relatively easy before, I had tried to approach ‘Fortnite’ from an incorrect point of view. Even though it looked like he was doing the right thing, he was really doing everything wrong. Being aware of your mistakes is, as in almost every other aspect of our day to day, the first step to solve it.

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Beginner Mistakes and How to Solve Them?

Fortnite Battle Royale Tips & Tricks

There are three basic mistakes that I have been repeating again and again during my games to ‘Fortnite’, and once the mentality about them has changed, my game has improved a lot. My main problem, the one that probably dragged everyone else, was that I played to win. Logical, right? After all, a multiplayer is about that. And yes, there is no lack of reason in that argument, but it was impossible to improve if it pursued that goal.

By having more chances to win I played in a very restrained way, avoiding the areas where there were more enemies, hiding when there was a potential danger and trying to take advantage of the mistrust of the opponent so that, with some luck, I could take some death home while struggling to try to survive until the end of the round .

The luck thing is not trivial, and that is that with that perspective, only with luck, you will not be able to win. There are 100 variables in the game capable of ruining that coup de grace, and if you are not prepared for the confrontation, it will be useless to get to the one against one final.

What has changed? I no longer look for secluded and quiet areas in which to raze chests without discomfort. Hop off the bus as soon as possible and I head to the nearest area (like many others) trying to be the first to land. This not only favors the confrontations, causing you to learn to shoot and defend yourself better, you also get used to falling into very specific areas that you end up knowing very well.

Knowing what doors there are and where you can get the danger, but also know the location of the booty, get out of those situations is much easier. With that strategy at first you die a brutal number of times, but when you clean an area of enemies and you collect all the chests (and the weapons that the opponents have dropped), embarking on your journey to the circle, the feeling of satisfaction is brutal. Simply spectacular.

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Build and Looter, Important as Shoot

Fortnite Battle Royale Tips & Tricks

Accustomed to other types of shooters, my mentality regarding construction was very restrained. I thought that, if I was good at shooting, it did not matter too much how to build quickly, that my bullets would arrive before giving time to defend against. Error. Not only is it easy to learn how to build a fort in a matter of seconds, it is also essential, especially in the last moments of the game.

The verticality that gives you know how to build is a winning combination to catch unprepared opponents, especially when you get to the circle soon and you can shoot those who arrive in a hurry to the safe area. Also, in ‘Fortnite’ the best defense is not a good attack. If shots come, defend yourself by building. If you go to an enemy, build to avoid scares. If you think you’ve run out of options. Guess

The last point that I forced myself to change was through loot. How lazy to get to destroy walls, I thought. With this weapon I am doing well, he repeated to me. Another gross error. The materials are going to be necessary for the confrontations for what we were saying before, and if you do not get them based on killing enemies, you will have to do it on your own.

With weapons, something similar happens. You need a different one for each situation and, if you have the best weapon in each category, your chances of being victorious in a confrontation will be much more compensated. Know how they work, when to reload and how to aim to do the most damage possible. With these tips and some temper to know how to face each situation, the rest, and victory will end up coming alone.

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