Tim Cook: Apple’s Privacy Commitment is Worldwide

Tim Cook
Written by Hassan Abbas

In an interview, Tim Cook said that Apple’s commitment to privacy is worldwide. That’s the reason Chinese authorities have never query Apple to unlock an iPhone, American authorities have. His suggestions were part of a wide-ranging talk about Apple’s manufacturing processes, trade tariffs, and the new Mac Pro.

Why the iPhone is made in China?

Asked about why the iPhone is made in China, Cook reply that it’s really “made everywhere”. He is pointing to components like the glass manufactured in the US. He said that Apple doesn’t decide to bring the iPhone assembly to the U.S., though.

Regarding China as both Apple’s manufacturing base and as an important sales opportunity for the company. Cook expressed hope that both the U.S. and China will work out their differences effectively. He can’t gamble about what Apple would do if the tariff wars continue to heat up.

Tim Cook Statement:

I’m so satisfied that it’s in the best interest of the U.S. and the best interest of China. And if you’ve two parties where there’s a common best interest there has got to be some kind of path forward here. And I think that will happen.

Cook guards Apple’s recent decision to erase a Hong Kong GPS app from the App Store. Protesters in Hong Kong upsetting for government change and warn each other of police presence.

We get another guess a lot when you make difficult decisions on apps to be on versus off, but we made it for safety.

Apple is also getting another guess for erasing vaping apps from the App Store last week. Mention youth vaping as a problem. Except for the fact, those apps are used legally by adults to manage their intake of nicotine and cannabis, where allowed.

Cook underscored Apple’s dedication to investing in the U.S. Quoting the company’s new billion-dollar Austin, Texas facility now under construction and said Apple is continuously searching at corporate acquisitions that make sense for Apple. “…we gain for talent and IP, and things that can improve people’s lives,” he said.


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