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Three Best Google Sharing Alternatives

Google Sharing Alternatives:
Written by Hassan Abbas

Google Sharing Alternatives: Android vs. iOS is one of those debates that you can’t put an end to. No matter how much you tried. It does get a bit boring and irritating sometimes, but, ultimately, this stormy debate is one of the big reasons why the companies have kept on improving their respective OS.

While Google pulls ahead in terms of customization and personalization. Apple is still the undisputed king when it comes to flawless exchange with other devices of the same ecosystem. Yes, Apple has an unfair benefit in this department, as the company only enables Apple devices to use the proprietary OS. However, ultimately, when we consider customer convenience, it’s difficult not to announce Apple the clear winner.

It’s very sad to hear that Google hasn’t announced a launch date for the highly-anticipated service. So, it could be a few months before we know more about Nearby Sharing. Instead of waiting for the update to drop, we thought about doing something new and telling you about three alternatives to Google’s Nearby Sharing.

Three Alternatives to Google Nearby Sharing:

Files by Google

For those who don’t know Files by Google is a file manager application. It packs enough features to replace your native file organizer. Besides giving you lots of choices to organize and declutter your device, the app doubles up as a handy file transfer tool. Just look to the Share tab on the Files by Google app and share files with nearby Files by Google users.

DownloadGet Files by Google on Google Play


Zapya is another dedicated file transfer app like Share It and Xender and has lots of tricks up its sleeve. Besides Files by Google, Zapya supports cross-platform file transfer, which means that you can share your favorite files with even iOS and Windows users. It also supports super-quick file sharing with nearby devices. Simply shake your Zapya-installed, nearby devices to maintain a connection. The data is then shared over Wi-Fi direct.

Download: Get Zapya on Google Play

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is another app that allows you to send your files anywhere across the globe. Except for supporting Wi-Fi direct-powered nearby sharing, Send Anywhere also excels in cross-platform file sharing. The app is available for all major operating systems, so, you don’t have a hard time sharing your favorite files to all supported devices.


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