This Smartphone Only Costs €24 and It Goes Trolling

Vibe Shot (DKStorm)
Written by Hassan Abbas

As they have spread and with the rise of low cost, at present it is not difficult to find affordable smartphones that even already mount double camera. But, what happens if we decide to go for the cheapest Android mobile we can find? That the surprises begin already as soon as the phone is turned on.

We looked for an Android mobile as cheap as possible and finally, we found one for only 24 euros, which (as clarified by the seller) had Android KitKat 4.4. After the purchase and the wait (which in these cases usually lasts quite a lot, between 15 days and a month), we finally receive the very simple (and very expensive) box with the mobile ” Vibe Shot Quad Band Phone “. And the storm started at the moment.

Vibe Shot (DKStorm)


PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS 132 x 65 x 10 millimeters (97 grams)
SCREEN 4 inches
MEMORY 64 MB expandable via TF card (up to 8 GB)
SOFTWARE “Android KitKat 4.4”
CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth 2.0
2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
CAMERA 0.08 megapixels with flash
BATTERY 500 mAh (removable)
PRICE 23.99 euros (without stock)

The processor and the operating system version are not specified in the terminal tab. This is detailed by the seller in the responses of customers who had acquired it and asked about it, but the notes include some notes in this regard that indicate the following:

  1. Download your favorite apps through the Google Play Store or Market installed.
  2. Note: This smartphone is designed exclusively to work with the current Android / Windows operating system installed on it. Any alteration such as updates or “flashing” a new version will void the warranty.
  3. The indicated storage indicates the maximum available without anything installed. However, the Android / Windows operating system installed and the software pre-installed by the manufacturer will occupy part of this space. The space available on the device will then be slightly smaller than indicated.

The text in bold is not random (nor the quotes in the table), because they are the keys that the experience with the terminal differed a lot from the expected according to the product page, although we will discover some other surprise. Let’s see how it went with the cheap phone.

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Welcome to the 90s

The simple box includes the small (4-inch) white terminal, a charger, the cable and a gift: a great case “book type” but that does not hold the phone in any way. And beware: a user manual is included, which in this case should be read if we want to avoid setbacks when using it, especially if they are related to storage, since the first thing we find is that it only accepts the formats ” Udisk, T-Card One or T-Card Two “to expand storage, which in practice (and currently) translates to a micro-SD of 8 GB maximum.

Once with the mobile in hand, the first thing is to insert our SIM card, because this is the size of the two slots. For this, we have to resort to an adapter to fit our nano-SIM, which is not recommended (sometimes the nano-SIM is not subject and the adapter can be caught by the pins, which can break).

Then we adjust the battery again (removable, which is necessary to insert the SIM) and turn on the terminal. And then it is when we are invaded by the first wave of nostalgia for the pre-smartphone era when the phones issued a tone of ignition that in many cases you could not deactivate (and this one is not exactly discreet).

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