This is How iOS 12 Works so that even before Opening an App you can Interact with it

iPhone X iOS 12
Written by Hassan Abbas

iOS 12 is being a leap in quality and incredible performance for Apple’s mobile operating system. The company has focused on improving existing databases and adding other small improvements and tools to make the user experience as rewarding as possible. For example, the possibility of interacting with the apps even before opening them.

The inaugural keynote of the WWDC is only the beginning, during the following day’s different conferences and events have been held in which the developers have been able to discover more deeply how Apple platforms work. One of those conferences was ‘Designing Fluid Interfaces’, in which developers have been able to learn to create interfaces with natural and understandable gestures for the user.

iPhone X iOS 12

iPhone X iOS 12

Actions in the process of opening and closing an app

At one point in this conference, we have seen an interesting detail of iOS 12, it has to do with the process of opening and closing an app. Until now, when opening or closing an app we could not do anything else. While it is true that it is a process of several milliseconds, at that time there was no other action allowed. With iOS 12 the thing changes.

As we can see in the video, while we close an app we can directly move through the springboard and not wait until it is completely closed. Have you opened an app and you did not want to do it? With sliding up the app closes again if you swipe up half the screen opens in multitasking. But it is that the thing goes a step further, while it is opening an app, in that process of opening, we can begin to interact with the app.

These little details are what differentiate iOS and make it the most powerful mobile operating system of all. Optimization for the hardware to which it is intended, small tricks to improve productivity and user experience and no doubt a large ecosystem behind it promoted by more hardware and services of the company as well as third-party apps.

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