The YouTube Web Player has Learned to Adapt to Vertical Video

Written by Hassan Abbas

Developers finally added an adaptive resizing of the YouTube player, depending on the format of the videos.

More recently, the standard format for video was considered to be 16: 9. He still remains in the movies and on television, but in daily life, the boundaries are gradually blurred thanks to smartphones and vertical video. This caused inconvenience when viewing YouTube videos in the web interface. It seems that the development team is working hard to solve this problem. At the moment, the player has learned to automatically adapt to different proportions of content.


In March of this year, YouTube added the ability to adjust to the video format in the mobile application. Similarly, it works in the web version. The player now no longer adheres to a strict 16: 9 format, and may increase depending on the resolution of the video.

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Due to this, the black frames on the sides disappeared, especially it is noticeable on the vertical video. True, this does not apply to those vertical rollers that are technically converted to 16: 9.

The player window in the standard format also slightly increased in size. Because of this description under the video has moved down. In general, YouTube is now trying to maximize the use of space in the browser for content.

Youtube Vertical Videos

At the moment, changes are distributed in stages, but many such an innovation should already be available.

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