The world’s first commercial network 5G

5G Home
Written by Hassan Abbas

Residents of several US cities can already connect their home 5G-Internet in exchange for the usual wired.

The period from 2019 to 2022 should become a moment when large telecommunications companies will actively introduce fifth-generation cellular networks around the world. But some do it right now. For example, the American mobile operator launched the world’s first commercial 5G network in the US.

5G Home

The network covers only a few American cities: Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. In official statements, such words as “1 Gb/s speed” and “practically absent delay” sound, but in case 5G should provide downloading at a speed of about 300 MB/s. The main advantage of the new technology is a large bandwidth, coverage area and “capacity” of one base station.

The commercial network from Verizon uses its own revision of the technology – 5G TF, because the world standard 5G NR is not fully approved by the organization 3GPP. The main way to use fifth-generation networks for Verizon subscribers is to install a special 5G router. It gives out a very fast Wi-Fi. As far as it is faster than a wired connection – it is not reported (if at all faster).

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Verizon offers to connect with 3 months of free use, and later for a wireless 5G-Internet for the house will have to pay $ 70 per month. In Russia, the appearance of the first commercial networks based on 5G is expected only in 2021 – these are the government’s plans.

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