The Winner in the Fortnite Tournament was Accused of Cheating

Written by Hassan Abbas

The gaming community suspected that the new champion actively used the keyboard with the mouse and auxiliary programs.

Fortnite enjoys unprecedented popularity among players. Online project is constantly growing, plus developers from Epic Games decided to actively invest their resources in the development of e-sports. You can afford tournaments for millions of dollars when the profit from the sales of in-game items in Fortnite exceeded $1 billion. However, it’s rather difficult to hold such large and rich competitions without errors and shortcomings. Gamers are ready to go for any trick to get a nice cash prize. Already in the second stage of the tournament, the offender was found, who, according to the community, won, with a cheat, $130,000.


For the championship “Fortnite Summer Skirmish” Epic Games allocated a good amount of money – $8 million. This fund is played for eight weeks between the players who scored the most points in ten games won. The second week of the competition ended on Friday, the victory went to a gamer under the name iDropz_Bodies. His prize was $130 thousand, but information quickly appeared that he did not fight quite honestly. The community claims that the winner used the keyboard and mouse during fights, plus he was colluding with other players to earn more points.

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In the company, Epic Games decided to independently understand the situation. After a detailed analysis of all the user’s games, his profile and retry records of all the battles, the developers announced that iDropz_Bodies won absolutely honestly. Of course, the community did not leave without evidence. First, Epic Games employees reported that all 129 murders in ten games won were committed on different opponents. All of them are in no way connected with the accused, that is, the rumor of collusion with other contestants was rejected immediately.

The next step is to use the keyboard and mouse. Some developers really forbid their players to fight in multiplayer on consoles with controllers from a PC, demanding to use a gamepad. Epic Games said that they do not limit their fans in any way and they can play as they like.

List of Fortnite Players

We never limited players to types of input devices. You can use any controller. Thus, we increase the availability of Fortnite on all platforms, – said the company Epic Games.

At this tournament organizers also decided not to stop and received replays of all iDropz_Bodies games. It turned out that the gamer did not use the keyboard with the mouse – the developers could not detect the “traces” of PC controllers in any of the ten games. Yes, and the cheats, about which they said on the Internet, it was not found. So the investigation was officially completed, and the winner will deservedly receive his prize. Today started the third week of the tournament, and the creators of Fortnite promise that they will diligently monitor the integrity of all participants. And while the third stage of “Fortnite Summer Skirmish” is coming, we are looking forward to the release of Fortnite on the mobile Android platform.

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