The Vivo NEX disassembly showed how the retractable front camera works

Written by Hassan Abbas

Specialists of the Chinese portal ZOL have disassembled the new flagship Vivo NEX. Thanks to this, it became known what one of the most frameless smartphones in the world looks like from the inside. In particular, the main mystery of the design of the device – the principle of the unusual module of the front camera, which is pulled out directly from the case. The process of disassembly in the translation was told by the American edition of MyFixGuide.

According to the source, a special component in the form of a spiral rack-and-pinion drive with a spring responds to the operation of the mechanism for opening the front camera in the Vivo NEX. With the help of a separate electric motor, it rises and falls, allowing the system to function as intended. ZOL notes that the component of roads in production and due to constant movement is the most prone to failure. The service life of the mechanism and the cost of repairs in the event of a breakdown of the experts did not specify.

The disassembly also showed how the non-standard speaker in Vivo NEX is arranged. The manufacturer used a linear piezoelectric vibratory drive – an analog of the technology implemented in the Xiaomi Mi Mix. The principle of operation of sound sensors in both smartphones is the same, but the approach of the two companies to the technology is very different.

Recall, on June 19, OPPO introduced the new flagship Find X, which achieved a record screen-to-case ratio of 93.80%. It uses a similar Vivo NEX system, but instead of a single front camera, the Stealth 3D Cameras slider panel with a built-in speaker and a set of sensors for a proprietary face recognition system slides out of the case. According to OPPO, the mechanism in Find X will last at least 5 years.

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