The Upcoming Flagship from Huawei will Receive a Huge Display of 6.90-inches

Flagship from Huawei
Written by Hassan Abbas

South Korean media reported with reference to their sources that Huawei ordered from Samsung displays such as AMOLED with a diagonal of 6.9 inches. Presumably, the Chinese manufacturer will install such an impressive screen in one of the modifications of the upcoming flagship in the face of Mate 20.

Obviously, the main feature of the Mate 20 Pro (or Plus) will be the diagonal of the display. In the past, screens with such a diagonal were installed in some tablets: for example, in Nexus 7. However, the future flagship of Huawei certainly will not be comparable in size with the tablet of 2012 from Google. Most likely, the Chinese company will equip the Mate 20 with a minimal frame around the elongated display (with the ratio of the sides from 18: 9 to 19.5: 9). These are only assumptions, but they seem to be the only correct solutions if the manufacturer still decided to install a 6.9-inch screen in a smartphone.

Flagship from Huawei

Flagship from Huawei

According to rumors, Huawei will present the upcoming flagship at the end of 2018 or early 2019. Top smartphones Mate line always came out at the end of the year, so the fourth quarter of this year seems the most likely time for the announcement of Mate 20. Unfortunately, information about the technical characteristics of the future novelties from Huawei is not disclosed.

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