The Touch Keyboard from Microsoft Recognizes the Force of Pressing

Touch Keyboard from Microsoft
Written by Hassan Abbas

This method of input can well be used in future laptops in which the role of the physical keyboard will perform the second screen.

In recent years, we have become so accustomed to touchscreens and virtual keyboards in mobile devices that some manufacturers even suggest transferring this experience to laptops. Microsoft also did not stand aside and already patented a new input method using a pressure-sensitive touchscreen.

Touch Keyboard from Microsoft

Touch Keyboard from Microsoft

The patent application was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office in January last year and approved only now. The document essentially describes the method of input using a virtual keyboard due to the force of pressing and gestures. The technology can be used in laptops and 2-in-1 devices. Unlike two-screen laptops, presented at the Computex 2018, Microsoft keyboard uses a pressure detection system, so it recognizes symbols and commands depending on the touch.

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In the process of determining which characters are displayed by the virtual keyboard, the sensitivity features of the touch input are taken into account. This function can initiate the output of characters that do not correspond to keystroke activation, and also convert words and symbols (for example, recognize input of uppercase or lowercase letters, apply visual effects of text formatting, and so on), “explains in the patent application.

It is possible that Microsoft will license OEMs to release new generations of laptops with this input method, especially since recently the corresponding APIs have been added to Windows 10. It is expected that this year Lenovo will release a laptop with two screens, in which the second display will replace the physical keyboard.

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