The SwiftKey Keyboard will Become the System Key in Windows 10

The SwiftKey Keyboard
Written by Hassan Abbas

The latest build of the Windows 10 Redstone 5 update, currently in beta, has brought a lot of innovations. One of them was the appearance of SwiftKey as a system keyboard. Innovation will definitely appeal to users of tablets and laptops with touchscreens.

SwiftKey is a popular on iOS and Android keyboard, which Microsoft purchased in 2016 for $250 million. Its features consist of machine learning due to the technologies of artificial intelligence: according to reviews, the program quite accurately dictates the words when writing.

The SwiftKey Keyboard

The SwiftKey Keyboard

Owners of touch gadgets (and, possibly, users of on-screen keyboards) will be able to use swipe input – an example of this is captured in the animation above. So far, SwiftKey for Windows 10 supports English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Brazilian languages.

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Also, in the latest build for developers Microsoft improved the game panel (Game Bar): now it shows the frame rate of the running application, the CPU load, the use of the operating and video memory.

Among other things, Windows 10 Redstone 5 has the ability to adjust the font size in applications – although this option works only in the case of universal programs.

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