The Successor Of The iPhone X Could Be Cheaper

iPhone X
Written by Hassan Abbas

The OLED screen of the iPhone X is one of the most important pieces of the device. Not only for being the screen (obvious), but also for what it means for Apple to get it. With hardly any screen makers that can meet Apple’s demand, the company has been in serious trouble to achieve the perfect balance between quantity and price. The situation seems to be more hopeful for this year.

As we already know, Samsung Display is the only Apple provider on OLED screens, despite the effort of LG Display to join the business. Being the only provider gives you the advantage of imposing the conditions and of course, the price is the main conditioning factor. Hence, Apple tries to help LG in the creation of factories for OLED panels, this would get to diversify its manufacturing chain and not only depend on a company because in addition to the prices there is also the risk of something happening during the season of manufacture.

iPhone X

Pressures on Samsung Display to reduce the price of the iPhone

According to DigiTimes, Apple is negotiating with Samsung the current price that the Korean company is charging for each OLED panel for the iPhone X. And although it is not clear if LG Display will become a second provider of OLED panels for Apple this year, the Cupertino’s company indicates that it is even pushing Samsung into this price reduction . Of telenovela.

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Does saving on manufacturing costs mean selling the cheapest iPhone? Not at all, if it becomes true that Apple gets that price reduction for each panel, it will be necessary to see if it is a sufficient reduction to lower the price of the iPhone in the market. The report says that this new iPhone that will succeed the iPhone X will have a lower price, but Apple will hardly offer a new iPhone at a lower price than the previous generation.

Recall that for this September we expect a total of three iPhone (in addition to an iPhone SE that sooner or later should arrive ). Most likely? Approximately these prices:

  • iPhone 6.5 inches with an OLED screen at 1,329 euros.
  • 5.8-inch iPhone with OLED display at 1,159 euros.
  • 6.1-inch iPhone with LCD screen at 919 euros.
  • iPhone SE at 349 euros.

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Source: Digitimes

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