The Search Engine from Microsoft has Learned to Search for Objects by Photo

Bing Photo Search
Written by Hassan Abbas

The search engine Bing has learned to identify objects in photos and to search for information about them. This is made possible by the Visual Search function, which combines the technologies of computer vision and, most likely, artificial intelligence.

Bing Photo Search

Bing Photo Search

Thanks to Visual Search, the user can take a live photograph of, for example, a jacket, and the search engine Bing will display the stores in which it is sold. This function is useful in the case when it is necessary to know the breed of a dog running past – it’s enough to take a picture of it through Visual Search, after which Bing will find information about it on the Internet. Apparently, there are a lot of applications for innovation, but the new function does not work very well – it’s clear even on a teaser roll.

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The Visual Search function is available in Bing search applications for Android and iOS, as well as in the launcher from Microsoft and the browser Edge for the “green robot”. At the moment, the innovation works only in the US.

It is hoped that one of the largest technology giants in the face of Microsoft can develop the accuracy of this technology of object recognition so that eventually it becomes a full-featured search engine.

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