The Rumors About The Google Pixel 3 Are Piling Up: All Screen, Without Frames

Google Pixel 3
Written by Hassan Abbas

We will still have to wait several months to know the future proposal of Google in the field of smartphones, but the truth is that rumors about their future Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are accumulating.

The last one is especially striking: some images of the current configuration of Android P Beta show how in the device of the image there is absolutely no frame on the screen and no hint of a notch. That would pose an even more striking design for a smartphone that wants to deal with the iPhone X and its future successor.

Google Pixel 3

Images that say everything and that might not say anything

The lack of filtering, if it is, comes from Google itself. In those captures of the beta of Android P that some users are already enjoying on their devices appears a frameless phone when talking about one of the gestures to activate the vibration in all calls and notifications.

That part of the configuration called “Prevent Ringing” (“Avoid the ringtone”) actually shows a second capture which also shows a phone without frames that according to some analysts would precisely reference the design of the Pixel 3. The Third image with another different gesture for accessing open applications also makes use of that scheme, for example.

Google Pixel 3

This design without frames and without notch – although this version of Android is more prepared to support that notch – would be one of the most striking features of this smartphone, which seems to accompany in that conception the theoretical Lenovo Z5 which appeared a concept image a few days ago.

As in that device, that screen without frames of the Pixel 3 raises doubts. The most important is probably the position and operation of your front camera, but also the position of the sensors or even the speakers of the device.

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A trio of Pixel 3 … with “economic” version included?

The rumors about the renewal of Google smartphones began to appear weeks ago, and one of the most striking is the one that points to the arrival not only of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL models that would happen to the current ones but of a third device aimed at competing in the mid-range.

One of the objectives of this terminal would be to compete in emerging countries such as India, where the initiatives of Android Go and Android One have been gradually gaining ground among the local manufacturers of the Asian giant. That mid-range mobile, say the rumors, could arrive in July or August, which would be strange given that the announcement of the Pixel 3 was not expected until the autumn.

Google Pixel 3

What can we expect from those Pixel 3 ‘mid-range’? Well, a configuration that would even opt for the Snapdragon 835 last year and a single rear camera now that it is estimated that the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will make the leap to a dual camera system.

What seems obvious is that these devices, officially confirmed by Google in the documentation of Android P, will be manufactured by Google after its recent acquisition by HTC. That operation has made about 2,000 engineers working for HTC are now fully dedicated to Google’s mobile.

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That should have given Google room to maneuver enough to differentiate itself in the field of design and specifications, and it will be interesting to see what new features the company offers in relation to its camera: the Pixel 2 / XL are still among the best in this scope despite having a single sensor on the back, although the Huawei P20 Pro have made things difficult for them

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