The role of Tsiri is looking for a black actress

The Witcher
Written by Hassan Abbas

The author of the series “The Witcher” for Netflix decided to completely remake the appearance of the main character. She is no longer pale.

Fans of the game universe of the Witcher perfectly know Tsiri – this is the key character of the story, which was given a decent share of “screen time“. The appearance of the heroine has become a cult and according to her canons have already done a lot of sketches, comics, and costumes for cosplay. The girl stands out with ash-colored hair, emerald eyes, and a very pale skin color. We used to see it like this, but the producers of Netflix, who are engaged in a set of actors for the series for this game, decided to experiment a little. More precisely, the appearance of Ciri is planned to change as drastically as possible.

The Witcher

For all serials and films, scriptwriters or directors write a special sheet of requirements for the appearance of each actor for a certain role, after which it passes the casting. Recently, in the National Youth Theater of Great Britain (a project focused on the actors of adolescence), the characteristics of the actor’s appearance for the role of Tsiri were discovered. The authors of the project are looking for a girl of 15-16 years, which belongs to the category of BAME. This strange word stands for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic – blacks, Asians or other ethnic minorities. Can we talk about the fight against racism, when the actors are chosen not by skill, but by the color of their skin?

Fans of the franchise reacted very negatively to this news. Most likely, Tsiri in the series will be African American or Asian, which completely contradicts the canonical history of the origin of the Cyril. In addition, gamers quickly recalled the creator of the series Lauren S. Hissrich (Lauren S. Hissrich) his promise not to interfere in the storyline and not change the background of the characters.

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The network already has a hundred memes about the appearance of the actress in this role, and we can only hope that the director will change his mind and choose a more authentic actress. Karou Delevin, for example.

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