The Problems with the iPhone XS and XS Max are Appearing

iPhone XS and XS Max
Written by Hassan Abbas

Users of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max complain about poor Wi-Fi and cellular communication. The problem may be due to weak antenna gain. It seems that with the release of the iPhone X, it has become a tradition to look for shoals and bugs in the new Apple smartphone. Do not escape this and the iPhone XS, along with the iPhone XS Max, whose owners are already complaining about poor reception of Wi-Fi and cellular communications.

Users of Reddit said about the deteriorating speed of data transfer over Wi-Fi, as well as a weak signal of the cellular network in the devices iPhone XS and XS Max. Similar topics appeared on the technical support forum of Apple. So far, the problem is only in the US.

iPhone XS and XS Max

“I have the same situation, my iPhone 7 Plus and iPad (2017) can easily connect to a 5 GHz network, XS has problems. It shows only two divisions and does not hold a normal connection. In fact, it’s sad, I had to switch to 2.4 GHz. I hope Apple can fix it by updating the software, “- from messages on the Apple forum.

Another user of Reddit claims to be watching the same thing on the iPhone XS Max (Verizon). And he changed the device to a new one, but the problem remained. The user wrote that before that he had an iPhone 8 Plus, on which the connection almost never fell to 1 division. The new iPhone almost always shows 1 division, sometimes 2, and in some cases, it loses touch.

A very strange situation, because, according to Apple, the iPhone XS and XS Max has improved the performance of communication modules and added support for 4 × 4 MIMO, QAM, and LAA technologies. The tests show that the data transfer rate in Wi-Fi and LTE networks is indeed higher than in previous models, and recent disassembly of smartphones by experts from iFixit showed the presence of an additional antenna.

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Nevertheless, in the blog WiWavelength conducted their measurements, which demonstrate disappointing results associated with weak antenna gain. It is reported that the problem can be solved by a software method that will change the way the modem interacts with wireless networks. However, hardware fixing would be the most optimal solution, but Apple naturally will not go for it. In general, everything will depend on the prevalence of the problem.

Via: Macrumors

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