The Player in Fortnite Broke the Record for the Number of Kills in One Match

Written by Hassan Abbas

At the weekend, Epic Games entertained the public of Fortnite with an extraordinary event – a rocket was launched on the island for the “Royal Battle“. Naturally, many players went to the action movie to see the spectacle with their own eyes. We must be an incorrigible philanthropist to suggest that no one took advantage of this situation.

In order to observe the launch from the most successful angle, the fighters built huge jumps, resting on the upper boundary of the map. In one of the matches on this design, almost fifty people have settled down. The user under the nickname Elemental_Ray could not resist the temptation and insignificantly shattered the tower.


Now Ray takes the first place in the world by the number of murders in one match – the pest has killed 48 people. Most likely, this episode will be the height of success for a guy: in general, his performance is more than average – so, the ratio of murders and deaths for all seasons in Ray is 0.47.

Of course, the act of “survivor” caused a lot in the community of Fortnite disputes. Some reasonably note that the player did not violate any rules and was not obliged to support the truce. Others are indignant-they all, they say, buried the hatchet of the war and came together to witness a unique phenomenon, and they were deprived of the holiday.

Whatever it was, the (anti) hero of this news, the dubious glory does not seem to bother – on his page in “Twitter” the title “The most hated player unfortunate ». “Even Jesus had haters,” the user remarked thoughtfully in one of the comments.

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As for the rocket, because of which the curiosity happened, after the take-off, part of the apparatus separated and aimed the laser at the location of Tilted Towers. Then the rocket began to rush through the sky and eventually exploded, leaving behind a huge rift. Eyed Internet detectives have already conducted an investigation and concluded that over time the mysterious crack has increased. Moreover, the motel and the Lonely Lodge zone also had strange anomalies. Thus, the developers obviously intrigue the community before the fifth season of Fortnite.

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