The Nintendo Classic Mini Returns to Stores in June

Nintendo Classic Mini Returns
Written by Hassan Abbas

The joy of the fans of the Great N and its first products had an important break with the news that their production was canceled after having gone on sale in November 2016. But the promised thing is debt, and as the Japanese house promised they have warned with a time of a new batch and there will be again NES Classic Mini for sale.

With time to plan, save and stay on the date, from Nintendo announce that on June 29 the console will be available for sale through your Twitter account. It will do so with the SNES Classic Mini, the other model that Nintendo resurrected by adapting it to the hardware level to the present and also presenting it in an attractive compact format.

Nintendo Classic Mini Returns

Nostalgia shoots, II part

It is not surprising that the Great N has decided to give an opportunity to those who were left without NES Mini when the expected success in sales was fulfilled. The nostalgia returned to work and we saw in December 2016 that in the United States were sold 220.00 units in the first 16 days of sale, which was virtually equivalent to the units sold on the Wii U in its first six months of distribution.

For this occasion, it would not be surprising if there was a good sales pull in its output, although we will see if this time they do not fall short in stock and/or the cancellation of the production does not occur or takes something else. At the moment we have that: the date that potential buyers were waiting for.

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As it happened in its initial release, the neoclassical console of Nintendo will return including 30 essential titles , as much of the house as of other creators like Capcom and Konami, among them ‘BUBBLE BOBBLE’, ‘Donkey Kong’, ‘DOUBLE DRAGON II: THE REVENGE ‘,’ FINAL FANTASY ‘and the relevant doses of’ Zelda ‘and’ Super Mario ‘. So if you are one of those who was left wanting one, write the date.

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