The Nexus 6P Settlement now Paid Out

nexus 6p settlement
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The last generation of Google Nexus devices went out with a big bang. The Nexus 5X was infamous for its boot loop issue, However, the 6P was best known for its random shutdown problems. A class-action lawsuit against Google and Huawei for the 6P’s hardware sorrow was the file in 2017. And last year, it just looked like a settlement was on the horizon. At long last, payments are starting to go out to the claimants. In this article, we are going to talk about The Nexus 6P Settlement now Paid Out. Let’s begin!

Participants in the class-action lawsuit could claim more than $400 in damages if they could prove both boot looping and also unexpected shutdowns. Payments have started to go out today, along with many receiving the standard $29 for devices that used to have no issues whatsoever.

Nexus 6P Settlement

nexus 6p settlement

Both of the Nexus 6P and the first-generation Google Pixel were subjects of class-action lawsuits. The Nexus 6P for its infamous boot loop issue and also the Pixel for the defective microphone on many units. Both lawsuits end up with Google having to pay compensation to qualify buyers of the phone, and also saying that compensation is now send to them.

Eligible Nexus 6P owners are now starting to receiving their checks last week. The payout is in the range of about between $5 and $400. Only those who filed their claims within the given period (between June and September last year) are eligible of it.

Many of the users on r/ Android have also confirmed receipt of checks ranging from US$5.82 to the max payout of US$400, along with US$150, US$325, and US$400 payouts appearing to be the most popular. Those who have their phones replace with a Pixel 1 from Google back then look to get much lower sums now, along with some receiving just US$5. A user also confirm that they receive US$150 even though they got a Pixel 1 replacement.

This comes only some days after settlement checks for the 2016 Pixel microphone lawsuit started to go out. So those of you who were repeatingly burn through Google phone hardware issues are at least flush with the cash now. Do not spend it all in one place.


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