The Next One will be the Last Generation of Consoles

Written by Hassan Abbas

That is at least what Yves Guillemot believes, co-founder of Ubisoft and that therefore something knows about the subject. The manager of this video game developer believes that only a new generation of consoles has yet to arrive, after which new models will never appear again.

Why? Well, because by then we will all play by streaming. We already watch series and movies, listen to music and even “read” by streaming, and Guillemot also believes that the same will happen with games, which will simply be transmitted to our devices in real time as if we were playing on consoles or current PCs.


Xbox controls

Streaming appears on the horizon of the video game industry

The statements were made in an interview with Variety in which he highlighted how the future of video games does not pass through the console market in which now both Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo.

Instead, technologies such as 5G networks and the evolution of platforms that have tried ( OnLive ) or try to boost the game by streaming ( GeForce Now ) will allow us to be in a position to enjoy all the video games in the world without having a specialized machine or with a physical or digital copy of those video games.

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They are not the only ones to explore that option. Steam recently expanded the possibilities of their Steam Link to distribute games to Android phones and tablets, while the rumors of a Google with its own console and a video game streaming service called Yeti appeared months ago although there have not been many more clues about it Those that do not move file, curiously, are the same as always.

None of the big ones seems to bet on streaming

Neither Sony, nor Microsoft, nor Nintendo bets at the moment for the games via streaming. All of them continue defending that traditional model in which the console is postulated as a fundamental element of the playful experience.

In fact, the only movements that have made in this sense have been those that allow us to enjoy “flat rates” to access a large catalog of video games on these consoles without having to buy them all separately.

Xbox Games

Xbox Games

Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now are those clear offers for Microsoft and Sony platforms, and in both cases in recent times have come into play access to catalogs of the “old consoles.” The retrocompatibility of the Xbox One with the 360 and the original is one of the most attractive features of recent times and has allowed to rescue mythical titles and also make it visually enhanced.

Nintendo, of course, is still in another war. In your case, one that combines the game at home with the game out of it : the Nintendo Switch has made good that concept of being able to enjoy those titles wherever you are, and perhaps is the one that comes closest to that future of “play to the same anywhere, “although in this case we remain tied to your hardware. That, says Guillemot, will not remain true for much longer.

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Prepare for the Netflix or Spotify of video games via streaming

In that future that this manager raises, video game developers will be able to distribute those AAA games in real time and to any device, at any time.

We will not need a powerful PC or console, because our devices will become those “silly customers” that were talked about decades ago and who will not have to do the work.

GForce Now

Xbox Games

For Guillemot “this will help the AAA games industry grow much faster“, and added that it was necessary to guarantee that those first level games could be played on any device, “but the fact that we will be able to send by streaming those games on smartphones and televisions without associated consoles will cause a radical change in the industry . ”

The idea is, of course, ambitious and interesting and raises the emergence of a future Netflix or Spotify of video games. One that will make irrelevant that PC or that console that has been a fundamental piece of the industry during all these years. The times, they seem to change. Or rather, they will change.

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