The New Version of Android will Improve the Backup

New Version of Android
Written by Hassan Abbas

Very soon Google will make the backup function on smartphones with Android OS more friendly and convenient for use. Company Google has added data backup function even in the version Android 2.0, but then the mechanism is only at the initial stage of development. Users noted that the function was created for a tick rather than for a full-time job. In the version of Android OS 6.0 Marshmallow backup significantly improved, but the result again was unsatisfactory.

The owners of modern smartphones can only hope that Google Drive copies data from the device because the user does not have a convenient interface and management tools. In the new version of the operating system, they promise to radically change the situation.

New Version of Android

So important for many news comes from the company Google. At the profile forum, where various problems and shortcomings of the Android operating system are discussed, the topic of backup appeared. The author reports that Android should have a more advanced backup system, which can be managed independently and without connecting to a computer. Employees of the company responded to the topic and reported that this request was submitted to the development team for consideration. The next day, Google employees added that the new backup mechanics will be considered in the future release of Android.

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However, this did not end there. A couple of days later, the topic of backup was closed by forum moderators with the mark “The requested function will be available in the future release”. This means that the version of Android Q or even Android 9.1 will get a “manual” backup mode. You can always save your smartphone settings, call history and SMS (if someone else uses it) in Google Drive at any time. The set of features is rather modest and you should not expect new features, but now users will be able to work with more comfort and less worry about losing personal information.

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