The new Sanhok map arrives at PUBG Mobile

Sanhok map
Written by Hassan Abbas

The update 0.8.0 of PUBG Mobile is already here, including as main claim a new map, which reached the PC version at the end of last June. This time, the update will be carried out almost simultaneously between the international version and the Asian version (Exhilarating Battlefield), being already available to download.

Sanhok (formerly known as Savage) offers an island of 4×4 plagued by tropical areas, ancestral ruins, and small villages, being of smaller dimensions than the already known Miramar and Erangel. This causes the games to be more dynamic due to the existence of smaller terrain and more prone to ambushes given the originally available areas.

Sanhok map

But it is not the only novelty of this update. We will also have a flare gun available that will allow us to ‘invoke’ boxes of supplies or vehicles depending on whether we are inside or outside the field. Speaking of vehicles, we will have two new acquisitions, a ramshackle convertible, and a heavy vehicle, both for four passengers. In addition, we will have a new automatic rifle. Beyond gaming acquisitions, anti-cheat detection has been improved when detecting plugins that give illicit advantages to players.

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