The new RetroArch 64 increases the speed of many of its emulators

RetroArch 64
Written by Hassan Abbas

RetroArch is well known by the emulation regulars in Android as well as outside. The well-known modular container of multiplatform emulators has just been updated to version 1.7.4, whose main novelty is the fact that the application for 64-bit architecture has also been launched, so that many of the platforms can make use of their set of instructions, making consoles like PSX or Gamecube have substantially improved their performance.

As they comment in the release note from its official website, one of the main cores (name of each installable emulator as an independent module) that has been affected is the Beetle PSX emulator, whose 64-bit version has considerably increased its performance. We can corroborate it after having tried it in a humble Huawei P10 with more than decent results.

RetroArch 64

Such is the importance of this new version, that some of the cores are exclusive to this new build, as is the case of the Dolphin emulator, which is included for the first time in RetroArch as there is no 32-bit version. Wii and Gamecube are already emulable through the application and the performance is really promising as shown by some videos on the network.

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Even so, we should not underestimate or permanently leave the 32-bit version, which will continue in parallel receiving the same updates. Moreover, many of the cores are still unique to this architecture, such as Dosbox SVN, PCSX RearMed or Picodrive. Although there are alternatives for each of these platforms (MS-DOS, PSX and Megadrive/SMS/GG) it is more than likely that the best performance for certain games is relegated to the old and well-known version.

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