The New Operating System from Google will Replace Android in the Next 5 Years

New Operating System from Google
Written by Hassan Abbas

Developed by Google in 2016 OS Fuchsia should be released in a few years – will the company decide to abandon the usual Android?

More than a year ago, Android users had the opportunity to try the interface of OS Fuchsia. However, until now, the network had no information about Google ‘s intentions about the new operating system. Now the authoritative edition of Bloomberg, referring to people close to the project, says that the company has serious plans for the project.

New Operating System from Google

The new information says that OS Fuchsia will replace all current operating systems Google for five years. It’s about the usual Android and Chrome OS. Moreover, the transition of Google Home and Chromecast to a new system is expected within the next three years, the next step will be laptops. According to the source, the rejection of Android in favor of OS Fuchsia is still in question and is currently being actively discussed within the company.

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At the moment, work on OS Fuchsiainvolves more than a hundred people, including famous designer Matias Duarte (Matias Duarte). Recall, the system is developed on the basis of a completely new kernel called Zircon, which makes the project interesting. Unfortunately, this can become a stumbling block, making it impossible to implement the backward compatibility of OS Fuchsia with Android. In any case, at this stage the future of the project is still vague and we only need to follow the developments.

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