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The New Gmail App: All About the New Design

The New Gmail App
Written by Hassan Abbas

We were waiting for when the redesign with Material Design 2 and the incorporation of new functionalities to the official Gmail application would come. Well, Google has just made it public on his official blog. Most new features, especially design, remain in their web version, but there are also interesting changes and new features on the mobile that sound truly useful. Of course, we will have to wait for them to complete the incorporation of tools that come directly from their other official mail application, Inbox.

The more than relevant confidential mode that prevents the forwarding of emails or their self-destruction after some time -among other security options-; the useful functions “snooze” to receive the mail later or the reminder messages so that we answer certain emails are news that still will not reach the mobile until some time passes. In fact, many of them will not even see them in their web version.

The New Gmail App

What’s new in Gmail

To begin with, we have High Priority Notifications. If you activate this functionality, only the most important emails will interrupt you with notifications, which you can configure as sounds or visual alerts. To define the type of alert you must go to the Configuration of your system: Gmail will be in charge of limiting that type of interruptions to the minimum. In the application, a box will appear to inform you of the possibility of activating it these first days.

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Another novelty is that Gmail will begin to propose to us in your application that we take down a newsletter. It will not do it with all the bulletins that we receive daily, but with those in which it detects that we have no interest. It will do so by checking that we have a period of time (at least one month) without opening them or calculating the ratio of received emails and the number of them opened (thanks, surprise !, Artificial Intelligence). We will receive that type of notifications in another information box.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

The news will begin to be visible in the application from today, although as usual, it is possible that we take a few days, even weeks, to see all the new tools in operation for all.According to Google, the goal of these changes is to give us more security and productivity in mail management, to allow us to do more tasks from the same inbox, with more confidence. A movement with which they clearly intend to approach the most professional user.

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