The New Face Scanner from Vivo is 10 Times More Accurate Face ID in the iPhone X

Vivo 3D Face Scanner
Written by Hassan Abbas

As part of the exhibition MWC Shanghai, Vivo company announced a face scanner, which (according to representatives of the Chinese corporation) will become a worthy competitor for the TrueDepth camera system in the iPhone X. When the novelty appears in smartphones – it is unknown.

The face scanner from Vivo works on the basis of structured light technology: the device sends pulses of light and calculates the time of their “flight”. Thus, the gadget creates a three-dimensional face map. The scanner from Vivo sends to the object 300 thousand points, while the infrared projector in the iPhone X – “only” 30 thousand points. In theory, using a structured light sensor is 10 times more accurate.

Vivo 3D Face Scanner

Vivo 3D Face Scanner

According to the Chinese company, the new technology can scan the entire human body, not just the face – it recognizes objects at a distance of up to three meters. However, Vivo does not yet see a clear scenario for using such an advanced scanner (with the exception of user identification). Probably, the novelty paired with artificial intelligence will be able to bring the quality of self to a new level and add augmented reality to the front camera.

The Chinese company did not disclose even the approximate timing of the presentation of the smartphone with an innovative face scanner. The reliable accuracy of the technology from Vivo can be estimated only after its appearance on the market.

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