The Most and Least Likely We Will See in the Keynote Tomorrow

Apple Keynote 2018
Written by Hassan Abbas

The wait is almost over. Tomorrow afternoon we will attend, the keynote of WWDC 2018. In it, Tim Cook and the rest of the staff of Apple bosses have to teach us important news to drive the future plans of the company.

We have had rumors until the last minute, so we are going to do the last Sunday review and we will see what is most likely to be presented and more likely to be postponed to some summertime or in some fall keynote.

Apple Keynote 2018

Apple Keynote 2018

The safe: iOS 12, macOS 10.14, tvOS 12, watchOS 5

What we are going to see with 100% security are new versions of all the operating systems of the company. iOS 12, tvOS 12, watchOS 5, macOS 10.14 . The WWDC is an event for developers, and therefore the main novelty will be about software and services.

The most interesting novelty can be if the rumors are fulfilled, the possibility of running iOS applications in macOS. It would open a whole world of possibilities for developers, who could save a lot of time and effort to launch a program on both platforms without a problem. iOS 12 can also bring more animojis and improvements in its augmented reality platforms.

In addition, a very recent filtration tells us that there will be more complete dark themes in both iOS and macOS. macOS 10.14 is going to be called Mojave with a lot of probability, and Apple News will arrive at macOS in the form of another native application and pre-installed on all Macs. The Mac App Store will also be redesigned and will be able to show video previews of the applications that are sold on the platform.

We do not have so many details about what new watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 can bring us, but fortunately, we will not have to wait too long.

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The least likely: hardware

Last year’s WWDC was a total surprise: it was full of hardware innovations, with updates that covered almost all Mac ranges. It was very unusual because as we said before, this June event is always reserved for hardware. And we may return to that same model since all the rumors about news of computers and devices have lost steam.

There is the talk of new 13-inch MacBook at more affordable prices, the end of the MacBook Air, internal updates of the MacBook Pro, new iPad Pro with Face ID, an iPhone SE 2 that inherits the look of the iPhone X, the launch of AirPods with wireless charging case and the AirPower base … but little by little that has faded away.

iPhone X & Apple Watch

iPhone X & Apple Watch

That does not mean that we completely discard any new hardware in the keynote, of course, but it will not be much the avalanche of news we had in 2017.

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And of course, you have to be prepared for surprises. Not everything has to be what the rumors tell us, Apple may have saved several aces in the sleeve of which we have not even imagined anything. And now that it has increased its security against leaks, those chances of having surprises are even higher.

Tomorrow we will follow the keynote live and we will tell you all the news at your fingertips. Be good until then, there is nothing left!

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