The Man Donate Blood Every Two Weeks To Save Millions Of Children

Donate Blood
Written by Hassan Abbas

For decades, James Christopher Harrison Donate Blood and has been safeguarding the health of millions of unborn children in Australia. Only he, the sources inform, is responsible for hundreds of thousands of vaccines to counteract a dangerous pregnancy illness.

After more than sixty years of blood donation, Harrison retired last Friday, finally, at eighty-one years of age. His service has given life to the whole country, for which he has had to donate a sample of his blood every two weeks in recent years. What is special about its composition to have turned James into a “daily hero”?

Donate Blood

Image Source: Wikimedia

Donate Blood and 2,400,000 Children Saved

Unlike blood, plasma donations can be made every two weeks, which is what Harrison has been doing for decades. The average donation of this Australian took him to beat the record of 1,000 in 2011.

But why “Donate Blood”, in the best sense, this man. In his blood is the necessary substance to protect the unborn from a dangerous disease known as fetal erythroblastosis. This substance is none other than immunoglobulin (also known as antibodies) Anti-D.

This substance is essential to make the Anti-D vaccine, designed to protect the fetus from the attack of the mother’s immune system. Thanks to your donations, it is estimated that the health of some 2,400,000 children has been saved. And all the Anti-D vaccines from Australia come from James Harrison.

So much so, that James was nicknamed “the man with the golden arm,”. His life was secured with a million dollars, a few years ago. According to estimates, this man Donate Blood once every three weeks on average, during the last 63 years. As the Australian system prevents donation to people over eighty, last Friday donated for the last time.

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