The Macbook With ARM Chip Would Be Manufactured From Pegatron

Written by Hassan Abbas

Digitimes does not want to go unnoticed in the ration of last-minute rumors that will be arriving during the remainder of the week prior to WWDC 2018. The Asian medium states that the Pegatron provider will be in charge of manufacturing the first MacBook with ARM chip in history.

In fact, the source mentions it as the Star project we talked about a few days ago, giving it more of a computer than a tablet. They even match the code name of the model, N84. It would be a first attempt to rub shoulders with ARM processors on Mac computers, although it would be a low-end model designed for the user with basic needs.



Whatever it is, it’s something new

The rumor does not have all the reliability of the world: a few days ago Mark Gurman responded on Twitter that this model ‘N84’ is actually one of the possible successors of the iPhone X.

At the moment Pegatron has not wanted to say anything about it, and personally, I would not take for granted that we are going to see a MacBook with an ARM processor soon. Anyway, it is clear to us that Apple is plotting a new transition, and we could see its first steps in the keynote next Monday.

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