The ‘iPhone SE 2’ Can Debut in September

iPhone SE 2
Written by Hassan Abbas

On Thursday of this week, we saw how a new iPhone SE without frames appeared on the networks, all due to certain information shared by the accessories manufacturer Olixar. The key to all this is the notch, it would mean the arrival of a mobile phone the size of the current iPhone SE but without frames and with Face ID. The unknown is knowing when it would arrive.

While this iPhone was expected for this month of May according to the rumors, it seems that it will be delayed a few months. As reported by Mac Otakara, Apple could be preparing this iPhone to debut next to the other models in September. Reasons for this delay? The screen without frames.

iPhone SE 2

It seems that Apple is evaluating several options for this smaller phone. One option would be a four-inch model, with a screen similar to the one we currently have and with a Home button with Touch ID instead of Face ID. The other option, however, would be to implement a screen without frames that could reach a little over five inches in the same size that we currently have.

Would it still be an iPhone SE?

iPhone SE 2

The iPhone SE is a special edition of the iPhone, it was launched to keep all four inches. Already in itself, if Apple launches a new iPhone SS should not be called that, it is no longer a special edition if there is a previous model. If it also incorporates features of current models such as Face ID … perhaps we should call it differently.

Another aspect that we must let go is the price of this new model. Without frames implies incorporating a TrueDepth camera and OLED screen, two features that increase the price of the device directly. This new rumor seems to be that the only thing it gets is to generate more doubts, so we’ll have to wait a little longer for these doubts to clear up.

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