The GrayKey Might Bypass Protection of iOS 12

The GrayKey Might Bypass Protection of iOS 12
Written by Hassan Abbas

Some US law enforcement officials believe that enhanced security in iOS 12 will not be a barrier to GrayKey, a tool that allows intelligence agencies to hack into suspects’ iPhone and iPad. This was reported by the authoritative edition of Motherboard with reference to its sources. According to the media, the US police are actively using GrayKey to hack into mobile devices from Apple.

In iOS 12, a custom option called USB Restricted Mode appears. It disables the data transfer port via Lightning one hour after the device has been unlocked completely (by fingerprint or by entering a passcode). Anonymous US forensic experts believe that even this level of protection cannot be protected from hacking using GrayKey.

The GrayKey Might Bypass Protection of iOS 12

The GrayKey Might Bypass Protection of iOS 12

According to them, Grayshift (the developer of a tool for hacking the iPhone) reported a successful defense bypass in iOS 12. In addition, according to the US police, GrayKey’s tool hides other methods of hacking iOS that have not been used so far. Grayshift declined to comment on Motherboard’s publication of this situation.

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However, in GrayKey after the release of iOS 12, not everyone believes. According to Motherboard, the tool for hacking the iPhone and iPad works in two modes: AFU and BFU. The first is used when the device was unlocked by the owner after power-up. In this case, AFU copes with its task very quickly.

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BFU is used in case the gadget has been turned off (until the user enters the password after turning on the smartphone or tablet, the operating system stores all files in encrypted form). This greatly complicates and slows down the hacking process. However, with the release of iOS 12, when data transfer via the Lightning port will be simply unavailable, law enforcement bodies are unlikely to have time to use any of the above methods.

All will clear up later when the stable iOS 12 comes out. By that time, it becomes clear whether GrayKey can bypass the protection of the new version of the operating system. Apple said to reputable foreign publications, which puts users’ privacy above all else. But, at the same time, the corporation does not seek to prevent law enforcement bodies from fulfilling their duties.

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