The Gboard Keyboard now Supports Morse Code

Gboard Morse Code
Written by Hassan Abbas

Morse code in the Gboard is useful for people with limited finger movement. To learn it, Google launched a special service.

Google has updated its original Gabor keyboard for iOS and Android, adding support for Morse code. Previously, this feature was only in the beta version of the application for the “green robot”. Dialed with her code from points and dashes is converted into words before sending – the interlocutor does not even know how the user communicates with him (except for the speed of typing).

Gboard Morse Code

Gboard Morse Code

When Morse code is activated, only 8 buttons appear on the keyboard screen: large “Point” and “Dash”, small “Shift”, “Settings”, “Space”, “Delete” (“Backspace”), , “Line transfer” (“Enter”), as well as the button for opening the emoji menu – unfortunately, you can not set emoticons by entering dots and dashes.

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This innovation is created primarily for people whose finger movement is limited – clicking on the three buttons is much easier than on a full QWERTY-keyboard. In case users do not know Morse code, the “good corporation” has released a special training application for iOS and Android, as well as its web version.

Unfortunately, the program teaches you to encode only English words. According to Google, enough hours of training through the fire service to understand the Morse code.

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