The Ford electric car will look like a Mustang

Ford electric car
Written by Hassan Abbas

In the network appeared the first image of a crossover Ford with an electric motor. He will have taillights in the style of the current generation Ford Mustang.

Famous American automaker Ford showed a teaser of its electric car, developed under the code name “Mach 1“. It will be an all-wheel-drive crossover, superficially similar to the iconic Ford Mustang. Its output is scheduled for 2020.

Ford electric car

For the first time about the release of the electric crossover Ford announced in January this year at the Detroit Motor Show. As expected, “Mach 1” boasts a large power reserve. On one charge, he can drive up to 480 kilometers. Also, the new electric car Ford will receive support for wireless Internet access. And while this is all that is known about him. We can only guess, under what name and at what price the car will appear on the market.

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Mach 1” will be the first representative of the future Ford electric car series and should compete with Tesla Model X. Until 2022, Ford plans to produce about 40 electrified cars, of which 16 are full-fledged electric cars, and the rest are hybrid models. The development of electric vehicles deals with a specially created division of Ford Team Edison. In the development of this direction, Ford is going to invest $11 million. In addition, the American auto giant is planning a major restructuring, which may entail a reduction in jobs.

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