The First Trailer Of ‘Battlefield V’: We Are In World War II

Battlefield V
Written by Hassan Abbas

The FPS of Electronic Arts and developed by DICE is official, and contrary to the fashion of battle royale that is coming from all sides, the case of ‘Battlefield V’ aims to be different to stay true to its origins, at least as far as that we have seen so far.

In this new installment of ‘Battlefield’, we will return to the Second World War where we will try to relive some of the historic battles. But what is perhaps the most attractive and important point of this new ‘Battlefield V’ is that it will arrive without a season pass, which means that we will all access the same content without paying any extra, which surely has to do with the chaos unleashed by ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’.

Battlefield V

Battlefield V

Everything focused on campaign and multiplayer

The good news is that ‘Battlefield V’ will arrive this year, specifically on October 19 around the world. And it will be available for Xbox One and PC with early access from October 11.

‘Battlefield V’ will be set in World War II and we will see the return of cooperative missions, as in ‘ Battlefield 3 ‘, which will be known as ‘Combined Arms’ and available for up to four players. Also, we will have the classic individual campaign.

Among the novelties stand out, besides that there will be no season pass, a system of fortifications, which will allow us to adjust details in the battlefields. As well as something that has been baptized as ‘The Company’, where we can customize our soldier with vehicles and weapons depending on the situation.

During the next E3 2018, EA is expected to show more of ‘Battlefield V’ and have read the first playable demos where we will surely see more gameplay.

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