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The Facebook Analytics App Allows You to Check Statistics on Android

Facebook Analytics App
Written by Hassan Abbas

Although the official Facebook application and its page manager already allowed us to review the statistics of our groups, their capabilities were still very far from those available in the web version of the service. Fortunately, they have finally deigned to offer an independent application capable of analyzing and comparing all types of metrics. Facebook Analytics can now be downloaded on our Android terminal.

To access the application we will have to enter the credentials associated with the account from which we want to analyze the information, being able to customize at our whim panels according to the metrics we need. The possibilities are enormous and cover more than twenty possible records, ranging from records with graphic traffic representation to much more specific elements with demographic information, retention, benefits and almost any other KPI that comes to mind.

Facebook Analytics App

In addition, we can create our own insights, that is, specific keys to our statistics that will serve us to be up to date in the face of possible marketing decisions that we should take. In fact, we can specify minimum and maximum marks to receive “emergency” notifications in case certain levels are reached.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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