The Essential Phone Officially Arrives In Europe

The Essential Phone Officially Arrives In Europe
Written by Hassan Abbas

Essential is the company founded by Andy Rubin, best known for being one of the founding fathers of Android. At the moment they have a single mobile device, the Essential Phone. A high-end with Snapdragon 835 processor and a screen with a small ‘notch’ included and a screen ratio of up to 85%. No doubt a terminal that left very good impressions although the truth is that your camera is somewhat behind the best flagships of last year.

A few months before the expected arrival of the Essential Phone 2, the manufacturer announces its expansion to more countries. From their Twitter account, they confirm that both the Essential Phone and the various accessories can be purchased officially in the United Kingdom, France, Japan and Canada.

The Essential Phone Officially Arrives In Europe

The website ‘‘ adds sections for these countries as well as official support oriented to these markets. Germany is another country that is usually in the first line of markets where companies tend to arrive first. In this case, although it has not been announced, there is a version of the website in German, so it is expected that it is also available to buy there.

In this disembarkation of Essential, a lot of other countries are left out, but we could see new countries in the future depending on the reception that the device has in these new markets.

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One year after the presentation of the Essential Phone, its availability is extended to more countries. The second generation would be falling and may be acquired in more markets

The Essential Phone is priced below $ 499 in the US and was introduced in May of last year. If the usual cycle of presentations is confirmed, in the coming weeks we may know more details about his successor. Will Essential get a place on the long list of successful Android manufacturers?

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