The Elder Scrolls VI Already Has a Release Date

Elder Scrolls VI
Written by Hassan Abbas

Producer of the company Bethesda said that he already knows the release date of the continuation of the cult franchise. But, this is a big secret.

At the E3 2018 gaming exhibition, Bethesda company announced several interesting projects, which you already want to play. For example, fans are delighted with the continuation of the series The Elder Scrolls and the new Starfield franchise. But only both games are at that stage, that no one can talk about the imminent release – the novelties can come out in three to five years. This is quite seriously said the leading developer Bethesda.

Elder Scrolls VI

We talked about new projects ten years ago, when they were just an idea. Six years ago, games began to be created on paper, describing the main points and key features. About two or three years ago we started to work more closely on the development of The Elder Scrolls VI as soon as we released Fallout 4. Fans should understand that the history of TES is huge, it can not be ruined by rushing. So I advise you to be patient. The release will need to wait, – said Todd Howard (Todd Howard), producer and marketing director of Bethesda.

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Much faster will be released in the new multiplayer project Fallout 76. There is a lot of talk about this game in the network, for the first time the company decided to translate the cult franchise completely into online. Gamers began to worry that the developer will also follow the path of gaming services, with an emphasis on online, built-in purchases and DLC. Todd Howard says that singles with a strong plot have remained a priority for Bethesda.

We have much to grow in singles and we will do it. This is an important part of our culture, we did interesting projects with a fascinating plot for many years. And we will continue to do this! But this does not mean that we will make games the way it was five or ten years ago. We need to move forward, come up with something new, change the market, as we have always done.

The company Bethesda has a huge plan for the next few years, they securely store a secret. Todd Howard even said that he already knows the approximate release date of The Elder Scrolls VI, but he will not be calling it. Everything can change at any time, technology does not stand still. But he promised that in the future single campaigns with new game mechanics will occupy a key place in the releases of the cult developer.


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Games-services have become a real trend. And people like it, gamers are ready to pay for the product and enjoy new opportunities. But, we like to make open interesting worlds, create incredible stories and tell them. We concentrated on this, “added Todd Howard.

Proceeding from the rather obscure responses of the producer Bethesda, you can understand that The Elder Scrolls VI and the secret Starfield will be single and with a very cool storyline, but in the future games like Fallout 76 will become much more. Can I set the alarm and wake up immediately to the release?

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