The Creators Of ‘PUBG’ Demand Those Of ‘Fortnite’ For A Possible Copy

Written by Hassan Abbas

Success does not only entail joys and go for a path of roses, and it seems that the headaches are already arriving at a video game of recent effervescence. It is a matter of possible violation of copyright since the people of ‘PUBG’ have filed a lawsuit against Epic Games for that reason.

In particular, it is the release of ‘Fortnite’ in its Battle Royale mode. Apparently, Bluehole (the creators of ‘PUBG’ or ‘Player Unknown Battleground’) began to receive feedback on the resemblance and after reviewing it decided to undertake such demand.



The controversy did not take long

The news is given by the Korea Times, making public the words of an official spokesman of ‘PUBG’, who confirmed last Friday (May 25) that in January a lawsuit was filed alleging that the copyright was infringed. It has been done through the Central District Court in Seoul (South Korea) to the company behind ‘Fortnite’, Epic Games.

Both games are popular in recent months. In fact, from ‘PUBG’ we already spoke here when the game ravaged Steam when it was still unfinished, having very good sales figures, and we also talked about the curious trajectory of its creator۔



There we already mentioned that it was called a bad idea at first and that later we saw games with a similar proposal, mentioning already ‘Fortnite’, launched in July 2017 (the original version with the mode ‘Save the world’, the ‘Battle Royale ‘was added in September). We even saw a short that illustrated this rivalry, and as we already reviewed, nothing has gone wrong for Epic Games with this game.

The controversy then came with the version ‘Battle Royale’, when according to the Korean publication users began to report similarities of the user interface and more elements between ‘Fortnite’ and ‘PUBG’. At that time, Bluehole did not initiate any legal procedure, but they did comment that they had received many comments about the similarity and that they considered that there was a great resemblance.

In the hands of Justice

The relationship with the two companies, in fact, exists from the beginning since the game engine that has been used for ‘PUBG’ (Unreal Engine 4, UE4) was developed by Epic Games, as the executive producer and vice president of Bluehole emphasized. Chang Han Kim in the statements of last September that we cited. He explained that the problem was that Epic Games was the company that had created this engine and that Bluehole had paid a large amount of money in terms of rights, but that his name had been used to promote ‘Fornite’ without his permission, as Collect in PC Gamer۔

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“Our name has been used to officially promote your game [‘Fortnite’] without our consent.” There was no meeting, it was somewhat surprising and disappointing to see our partner use our name officially to promote a game mode that is very similar to ours and there have been some misunderstandings with the community about the fact that we were officially involved in the project. “

We will see how all this ends. At the moment there is no date or communication from the judicial authority about when the procedures will begin, so we will be aware of the news that comes from Korea.

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