The Creators of Burnout Announced Two New Games

Danger Zone 2
Written by Hassan Abbas

Studio Three Fields Entertainment, created by two key developers of the racing series Burnout, announced its future projects. The fans expected only the continuation of the Danger Zone, but it turned out that there were two new games – Danger Zone 2 and Dangerous Driving. Both racing simulators are designed with an emphasis on destruction during travel.

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The game process remotely resembles FlatOut, only here the driver does not fly out through the windshield. Actually, for the time being, there is not even an official trailer for new products, so you can talk about the quality of graphics or physics only on the basis of the promises of the studio and screenshots from the official site.

Danger Zone 2

Danger Zone 2

About Danger Zone 2 there is more information. The first part was very cool and atmospheric – there the rider was sent to a certain simulation, where it was necessary to drive around the location and crash into other cars, collect bonuses, jump from the springboards and everything in that spirit. A good option is to have fun and enjoy the race, where there is no start and finish.

The second part became even better. If before we were “chased” only by closed polygons, now there are 23 new tracks in three parts of the world, there are open and closed tracks. There are more cars, objects and destruction effects too. The developers decided not to change anything radically and just improved the already available database.

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous Driving

About Dangerous Driving is known significantly less. In the studio, they said that it would be an arcade race on closed race tracks, where you will have to face opponents, roll over, jump from the springboards and so on. The graph, physics, and other game elements remained at the level of the Danger Zone, only here there will be a start, finish and wanting to push you from the pedestal. Will the game multiplayer and other important details – a big secret. Let’s hope that the race will be decent.

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Danger Zone 2 is released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on July 13, 2018. On the Xbox One X will support 4K at 60 FPS. PS4 Pro also claimed 4K-resolution, represented as 1080p with “stretching” by 150%. The release of Dangerous Driving is scheduled for the winter of 2018, there is no exact date.

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