The creator of Limbo told about a new large-scale project

Written by Hassan Abbas

The next game of Playdead will be from a third party but will retain the corporate identity and atmosphere of previous projects – Limbo and Inside. Danish developer of computer games Playdead has so far distinguished only two projects, but with what! In 2010, a wonderful atmospheric platformer with elements of the Limbo horror came out, and in 2016 – the 3D puzzle Inside, made in the same style.

Last year, the studio reported that it was preparing its third project, but no details about it have been known to date. The other day, Played co-founder and art director Arnt Jensen told a little bit about the next game in an interview with DR.

From what we learned, the game will be different from Limbo and Inside. This is a large-scale sci-fi project with elements of adventure, created in three-dimensional. According to Jensen, he was bored with flat two-dimensional perspectives and their limitations, so this will be a third-person game with large locations that the player can explore.

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Nevertheless, as in previous games, we are waiting for the story of a lonely hero, this time traveling in the universe. Of course, there is the same proprietary atmosphere and melancholic mood of Playdead. Arnt Jensen did not report the approximate timing of the game, nor the platforms. As you know, Limbo and Inside were originally Xbox exclusives.

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