The colors of the new Galaxy S10 are Leaked

Galaxy S10 colors
Written by Hassan Abbas

Every year, Samsung changes the color palette of its flagships – what company plans to surprise this time? Galaxy S9, the current flagship of Samsung, is on the market in a very wide variety of colors. In particular, among the rest of modern smartphones, it is distinguished by the shade of Lilac Purple (purple-violet).

Next year, Koreans will present the tenth-anniversary smartphone in the lineup, which should be something new. In order to emphasize the feature of the device, Samsung decided to abandon the previous colors. Insiders revealed all-new color variations of the upcoming flagship.

Galaxy S10 colors

Samsung Galaxy S10 will be released in Black (black), White (white), Emerald Green (emerald green) and Pink (pink). According to the source, emerald green will be similar to the similar shade of the Galaxy S6, presented in the distant 2015. Information about the pink version of the Galaxy S10 on the network yet, so it is unknown – it will be closer to the gold, like Apple, or to the bright pink, like in Chinese smartphones.

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It should be borne in mind that Samsung is in the habit of presenting new color solutions sometime after the release of the device. This happened with the Galaxy Note 9, the silver version of which went on sale only two months after the official presentation of the smartphone.

The announcement of the Galaxy S10 is expected in the early spring of 2019. According to rumors, the smartphone will be released in three versions: S10, S10 + and S10 Lite. Unfortunately, at the moment are still unknown characteristics and other features of the device.

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