The Card Game from the Creators of Minecraft Became Free

Caller’s Bane
Written by Hassan Abbas

The company Mojang, which created the popular game Minecraft, decided to restart its computer card game “Scrolls”. After incredible success with the game about cubes and construction developers decided to go to other niches to earn money there too. That’s just a new project did not enjoy increased demand – the market has plenty of free competitors with even a large set of opportunities and a mechanic. The company some time tried to keep the “Scrolls” afloat, but then acknowledged defeat and canceled the game. The project’s servers stopped working on February 13, but now the situation is drastically changing.

Caller’s Bane

Caller’s Bane

Developers realized that users need a game with a different type of monetization. Now every second novelty comes out on a free-to-play basis, so you also need to create in this direction. Mojang for a short period of time remade their card game in the free version. True, Scrolls for some reason decided to rename in Caller’s Bane. This did not affect the game mechanics, graphics, history, and plot of the virtual universe, just the product became free. Now popularity should increase sharply because users are crazy about the opportunity to fight in a virtual world.

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In addition, the developers have completely changed the attitude towards the servers. Now Caller’s Bane boasts official servers that can be played against other users, plus all the software and documentation for launching the user servers. Fans can change the settings, balance and other parameters of the cards, realize their scenarios. For the time being, it is not entirely clear how exactly such user sites will be monetized, but the opportunity is very attractive. Especially for those who have already grown fond of the project, but now they want to get the maximum pleasure from it.

Via: Polygon

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