The BlackBerry Key 2: New Features Released

The BlackBerry Key 2
Written by Hassan Abbas

In a market flooded by telephones that differ very little from each other, any breath of fresh air is always welcome. Especially if it is wind from the offices of BlackBerry, a manufacturer that we would like to know much more than we know, as its activity has been drastically reduced in recent times.

In February 2017 we attended the arrival of the BlackBerry Keyone, an Android phone on board and with a physical keyboard that showed that Canadians did not want to lose their main seal, the bet to type on a real and not virtual surface. . Now it seems that the second generation is on the way and the last filtered image “confirms” the name and has some associated features.

The BlackBerry Key 2

Snapdragon 660 and Two Rear Cameras

It already had some leaks behind it, although the second generation of the Keystone was still too hidden. Thanks to the last filtered image we think we know because it is not official information, it will be called BlackBerry Key2 and that, of course, it will keep the old BlackBerry seal, and the current one of the line. We have a full QWERTY keyboard again.

The image shows the device, completely black with its keyboard and some stickers, and indications that it is a model that is not available for sale, showing that it could be both a dummy and a telephone in the development phase. In addition, the filtered image is associated with a photograph apparently taken with the Key2, and which shows blur thanks, according to the watermark itself, to the presence of two rear cameras.

Snapdragon 660, 6GB of RAM, Android Oreo and two cameras with bokeh

The phone, which is expected for the month of June, should land with a Snapdragon 660 on board, the same chip that carries the already introduced Xiaomi Mi 6X, and that must arrive on board the Xiaomi Mi A2. In addition, everything points to the RAM will amount to 6GB and we will have Android preinstalled, of course, in its version 8.1 Oreo.

Given the photograph was taken by the device, it seems that we will have two cameras although for now the resolution of them is unknown. But what seems clear is that we will have selective blur, the already classic bokeh that is so much appreciated in the current mobile photography. We will be attentive to the information that keeps coming on this BlackBerry Key2. It seems to look very good.

Via: Phonearena

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