The Best Zoom Extensions For Google Chrome

Zoom Extensions For Google
Written by Hassan Abbas

The Google Chrome Web store is full of fun extensions and applications. Some of these are just automation based, where they use native script already available, However, some genuinely add value to other applications. Well In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Zoom Extensions For Google Chrome.  Let’s begin!

Zoom in at the forefront of the race for the most widely used video conferencing applications. So much that Zoom fatigue is now a term. We thought it apt to make a list of the best Zoom extensions for Google chrome.

Keep that in mind that most of these extensions only work with Zooms web client.

Zoom Recording Downloader

In times of bad connections, when you cannot hear what is going on in a meeting, this Chrome extension comes to the rescue. It also allows you to download and install Zoom meetings on the browser and save them offline for later perusal. Once on your local drive, you can re-watch the recordings and find out what you missed.

Zoom for Google Chrome

If you do not want to download the heavy Zoom desktop application, then there is an alternative. This light Chrome application has limited functionality but allows you to do your basic tasks like joining and hosting meetings. Simply sign in with your Zoom credentials, and you are good to go. The application lives on the web browser and is accessible via Chrome applications.

Zoom Scheduler

This is the only official Zoom extensions available. downloading this extension adds an option to create or schedule a Zoom meeting right in your Google calendar. This is really handy if you are going through your calendar to decide when to schedule a meeting. You can also create an event and click the ‘Make this a Zoom meeting’ button to schedule a meeting.

Zoom Closer

If you did not know already, users can launch a call right from Zoom’s online portal at Once the call is launched, however, it switches to the desktop agent, leaving the webpage still in the browser. The ‘Zoom Closer’ extension automatically closes the empty window left by the application in the browser.

Zoom Out

Similarly, when you click on a Zoom invite link, it will first redirect you to a new tab. Here you are prompted to leave the browser and launch the Zoom desktop application to continue the call. ‘Zoom Out’ closes these blank tabs left behind after you join a call. The extension waits 10 seconds, and then kill the tabs.

Zoom Spoofer

This little Chrome extension was used to bypass Zoom’s attendee attention tracking feature. The feature alerted the host when a participant switched to a different tab for more than 30 seconds during a Zoom meeting. The Zoom spoofer only works on the web-based client as users have more control over what Zoom does through Google Chrome. Always Show

Zoom aggressively tries to redirect users to download their app when trying to join or host a Meeting from the web client. Not only is this annoying, but also a waste of time; as if you wanted to download the client you would have anyway. This Chrome extension adds a ‘Join from web’ button that forces the browser itself to open the meeting, instead of redirecting to the app.

Zoom Self Help Centre

This virtual helper is packed with instructions and self-help videos. Its aim is at users with limited technological expertise, who would benefit from a helping hand. The extension has access to the website, and tracks which pages you are on. Depending on which page you are, the assistant brings up relevant help topics. This extension is powered by


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