The Best Productivity iOS Apps One Can Look for in the Market

The world is full of distractions and finding the best productivity app to ease and simplify your work is a blessing. With the help of a productivity tool, you can plan your future tasks and save time. You will give your best in the goal or motive if you are fully prepared for it. Moreover, the productivity app helps in carrying frictionless workflow.

The lesser the worries, the greater the output. You will also be able to balance your work with your life. In this article, we will be introducing 5 different productivity iOS applications that will help you in your daily life tasks.

Part 1: Wondershare FamiSafe – The Productivity App for Monitoring Properly

Protecting your child from any danger is now easily possible with the most reliable monitoring application – FamiSafe. You can control how much time they can spend on their gadgets and detect if they are viewing any inappropriate content. With a better view on their activities, you can actually know when and where they are present.

From assessing their driving to their conversation, this free phone tracker is an all-rounder as you can get an activity report, browser history, and location history all at once. Parents who are concerned about their child’s safety can save time by going through this application. It provides accurate, appropriate, and correct information related to their respective search.

Key-Features of Wondershare FamiSafe

  • Activity Report: FamiSafe app provides an activity report that shows the parent their child’s phone activities. You can also check how frequently they use social applications.
  • App Blocker: If you don’t want your child to use certain social applications, you can block them and stop your child from excessive usage. This way, your child will stay focused on productive applications.
  • Screen Time: The Screen Time feature will allow the parent to manage how much time his child will spend on the device. You can set a smart schedule, apply screen time restrictions, and block unnecessary applications.
  • Online Safety: You can also create a safe environment for your child by filtering harmful or inappropriate websites. You can do this by enabling “Safe Search,” so explicit content will be filtered from the search results.
  • Real-time location: Keep a complete check on your child’s real-time location to know where they are. This can help you check if your child has not gone into a strange place. It also provides you with a complete location history with explicit details.

Part 2: Magpie – Photos & NotesMagpie - Photos & Notes

A mixture of Apple photos and Notes app, Magpie helps people take their dream moments and add notes, links, or other details. With the help of this award-winning application, you can create as many ideas and inspirations as you want. Whether you have found a fantastic dress photo, great architecture, or any yummy recipe, Magpie will help you put them all in one place.

Key Features of Magpie

  • Share with the World: After creating an inspirational list on the Magpie, you can also share the items on different social platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • iCloud Service: You would not want your efforts to get deleted from your device. Therefore, the application automatically creates a backup and syncs the inspirations and ideas to other devices through iCloud.
  • Drag and Drop: You don’t have to select a single picture to add notes to it. With the help of Magpie, you can drag and drop the photos from Safari or Photos into Magpie and edit them.

Part 3: Microsoft OneNoteMicrosoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is an essential moment-capturing application that lets the user quickly click the moment and save it with a note. This way, it has become easier to save your thoughts, ideas, and discoveries in one application. Whether any big event, memorable moment, or any new opportunity, you can save it for the future by simplifying your thoughts with the help of a digital notepad.

Key Features of Microsoft OneNote

  • Save Any Moment: This application helps you plan your big days. Save creative ideas to create something of your own. You can click a picture, crop it, insert your thoughts in the form of notes and save it.
  • Organize and Secure your Notes: With the help of Microsoft OneNote, you can organize your notes so you can access them whenever you need to. It also allows you to pin the pages you mostly view and secure them with a Touch ID, Face ID, or password.
  • Save, Share, and Collaborate: To forever keep your notes with you, you can save them to OneDrive or SharePoint. This application also gives an opportunity to work together with someone through a shared notepad.

Part 4: PDFelement for iOS Productivity App to manage PDFPDFelement for iOS

PDFs will be an essential part of your life if you are studying or doing a job. With the help of PDFelement, you can edit, annotate, and secure your PDF documents on your iOS device. It means that if you want to make your learning process easier or smooth, you can choose PDFelement to create short notes on the PDF. It also assists in highlighting essential points with the annotator.

Key Features of PDFelement for iOS

  • Create & Edit PDF: With the help of PDFelement, you cannot only create PDF documents but also edit the text and images of the existing document. You can write your texts and edit the size, font, or color of the existing text.
  • Annotate the PDF: This feature of PDFelement helps make comments and notes in the PDF file. You can also highlight the important text and create arrows or other drawings on the document.
  • Scan the PDF: While using iPhone to shoot documents, PDFelement will automatically eliminate the clustered background. The document will be scanned into a high-quality version of the PDF.

Part 5: Productive – Habit Tracker Productivity AppProductive - Habit Tracker

Are you someone who needs enhancement in the lifestyle and lately trying to fix unproductive habits? This application is for you. You can initiate your productivity and create personal goals for yourself. Productive – Habit Tracker will track your progress and make your firm towards your goals. This way, your life will surely become happier and more successful.

Key Features of Productive – Habit Tracker

  • Challenges: This app provides an interesting way to improve your progress. You can create challenges with other users and improve your routine by fulfilling the set goals and tasks.
  • Habit Management: With the Habit Tracker, you will get complete control of managing your habits. You can create new habits, notify when they are completed, and pause them for a specific time.
  • Customize the App: The best thing about this application is that it is not specific. You can name your habits, set your icon, change the color, and make the best use of this app in your way.

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The article concludes with a detailed introduction of the 5 best productivity applications in the market. These iOS applications decrease the workload on people and let them manage their tasks and goals efficiently. With the help of FamiSafe, you can manage to keep an eye on your child’s activities while doing your work.

If you are looking for an iOS application that helps you manage your ideas, goals, or PDF documents, the above-mentioned applications will do an excellent job for you.

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