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EaseUS Alternative
Written by Albert Finch

Most of us have experienced data loss in our lifetime, and the first part of our action response was finding software that could recover our files.  EaseUS data recovery software is one of the top service providers in the data recovery field that has been providing its services for more than ten years. It helps the users recover data from a variety of data loss scenarios, and it is available on both Windows & Mac.

Despite its incredible popularity, EaseUS has received a lot of criticism from the customers for different reasons, which we will discuss down below.

Why Not EaseUS?

Here are some common problems that most of the users face:

  • As compared to its competitors, EaseUS is pricer. The lifetime license cost more than $150.
  • Besides the cost, the app features are not up to the standards. For instance, large files take a huge time to recover.
  • Although the user interface is very intuitive, it can become very difficult for beginners to use the software. 
  • Moreover, speakers of languages other than English might also face difficulty using the software as there are few language choices.

After reading the above cons, you must be thinking that EaseUS does not cater to your data recovery needs. Well, we also thought the same after using EaseUS but don’t worry, we will help you find an EaseUS alternative that will help you backup your data and perform other tasks such as transfer pdf from pc to iPad without iTunes. 

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Alternative: altTunes

The perfect alternative to EaseUS is altTunes: it is a suite of 15 apps where you can manage your backups, restore & export data, manage photos, videos, music, ringtones, and so much more. The app can help you manage all content on your iPhone in a much simpler way, and the best thing is that it does not require the help of iTunes at all.

The altTunes app is accessible to both Windows and Mac. Not only this but both of the operating systems have altered design which helps the users capture the visual cultures of each system.

Users will have to wait for the altTunes app as it is yet to be out in the market. The Windows version of the altTunes app will be out in early 2022, while for Mac, users will have to wait till late 2022.

How can you buy altTunes?

Well, you can buy the altTunes app by subscribing to the Softorino Universal License, which costs $2.92 per month. This includes all the current and future projects of Softorino software for mac and windows.

To give you a better understanding of the Universal License, it is a singular way to access all Softorino apps such as WALTR PRO (A Simple convert, transfer tool), SYC 2 (The Ultimate Youtube Converter of Music, videos and Ringtones), iRIngg (Ringtone Creator), Folder Colorizer for Mac, Task ForceQuit 2, and more.

The Universal Licence subscription also includes free major upgrades and 24/7 support. One of the best things about this subscription is that it allows the users to use all products for $2.92 instead of $300(Cost of all products). 

All the existing members and subscribers will get special terms on the license. And if you have subscribed to Softorino’s WALTR PRO and SYC 2 app, you will get the first-year Universal License for free. Now, this is fascinating!

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Final Verdict 

Data recovery can be a daunting task for many users, and sometimes it can get confusing because tons of software like EaseUS out there do not perform as they are advertised. It is always good to check out alternatives, and in this article, we have presented you with an alternative named altTunes that can not only help you transfer data to iOS devices but also help you back up, manage, and export data from iPhone to PC.

We encourage you to use the altTunes app when it is out in the market because it is able to export the data with more ease. So, wait for the start of the new year and get ready to take your iPhone under your full control with the altTunes app.

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