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The Best Browsers of Android 2018

Best Browsers of Android
Written by Hassan Abbas

Once the first quarter of 2018 is completed, it is time to analyze some interesting data about browsers used by Uptodown users to access the platform. Every day it can be said, with more certainty, that Internet access through computers is decreasing in favor of mobile browsing. Proof of this is that 80% of the traffic generated by Uptodown is made through portable devices.

In total, 722 million sessions were initiated in Uptodown during the period between January 1 and April 30, 2018. Therefore, it is attractive to segment all this traffic to analyze the browsers and devices used by users to download, discover and share content in our portal.

Best Browsers of Android

Chrome: the king of browsers

The Google browser is the most used to navigate the different sections of Uptodown. And is that 48.45% of our visits come from Chrome for Android. 350 million users have visited us using this tool, mainly from versions 64 and 65. Its numerous improvements and updates make it an SUV difficult to unseat from first place.

Google Chrome: Sicher surfen
Google Chrome: Sicher surfen
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Samsung Internet Browser

37% of Uptodown users access through a Samsung mobile device. The South Korean brand has no rival among our visitors and this makes 49 million sessions, 6.76% of the traffic, start from the Samsung Internet Browser. Despite not being located anywhere near the most downloaded browsers, the fact that it comes installed by default in the terminals of the brand makes it very used.

UC Browser

Although it had some problems in 2017 that separated it from some marketplaces, this browser created by the Chinese company UC Mobile has returned with the strength to stay. 40 million users, 5.52% of our total users, use this tool to visit our portal. Its speed and simplicity make this ‘indie’ is fashionable and is already the most downloaded on Uptodown with 35 million downloads in its lite version and 30 million in the conventional version.

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Opera Mini

Many users are looking for a browser that consumes few resources and therefore 26 million visits, 3.56% of the total sessions, come from Opera Mini. The Norwegian company is now testing its luck in the market with Opera Touch, a tool that allows users to send content between Android and PC.

Webbrowser Opera Mini
Webbrowser Opera Mini
Developer: Opera
Price: Free


And it could not be missing from the list of the most used browsers, by our visitors, a classic. Firefox is the tool that more than 5 million users use to access Uptodown. Its multiple functionalities make it still the favorite browser of 0.73% of consumers.

Firefox Browser: sicher surfen
Firefox Browser: sicher surfen
Developer: Mozilla
Price: Free

White label navigation

But not all traffic comes from these types of browsers recognized around the world. 47 million visits have their origin in webviews of external apps such as Twitter or Facebook. In parallel, another 40 million users access Uptodown from Android Browser. This is the old navigation tool that incorporated the terminals with system 4.0 Kit-Kat or earlier, which was later supplanted by Chrome itself, in addition to those used in the different layers of customization of many manufacturers.

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From here, another interesting fact emerges. Of the 582 million visits made from Android terminals during the first four months of 2018, 85 million have operating system Marshmallow 6.0.1 installed in 2015. Another 82 million are more updated and carry the Android version 7.0 Nougat released in 2016.

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